Assignment – Journalism and Current Affairs

Last week we were given our big Journalism assignment – “Journalism and Current Affairs” with just a week to complete it! I actually thought this was good practice as I know there’s always deadlines to work around when in the industry.

The whole assignment was split into three parts –

1- News and Current Affairs

2- Interview and Practice

3- Writing a Review

We were lucky enough to had already done part 1 and 2, so all we had left to do was our report which was on News and Current Affairs. This was actually the key part of the assignment as it was based on everything we had done with Anna and Anthony in this unit. In my work I talked about why history, current affairs and politics is so important in a role of a journalist and and how doing that little more than the basic research can improve your story. I also discussed the important things you need to make sure every story includes; Who, What, Where, When, Why and How? I also discussed how the internet and social networks plays in a role of a journalist and how important it is to gain as much information from these sources as possible.



Remix Manifesto



Today we watched such an interesting documentary on Copyrights and Intellectual Property in Media Communications called Remix Manifesto. Brett Gaylor looks into these subjects, especially in music by using Girl Talk and how he makes music as an example of how the industry is developing and moving on, but copyright laws is making it hard for creatives to do what they love and what they’re good at.

Girl Talk is an Mash up artist and from working in science he now does this full time. The film looks at how new generation has been affected. It gives examples of people who has been fined thousands of dollars for downloading 3/4 song on the internet, yet the money doesn’t even go to the artist, but the publisher. Gaylor also looks at Disney ONCE operated and the change it went through after Walt Disney passed away. What I love about short film is that Brett Gaylor has given the opportunity to people to edit the film and make their own versions of it which so many have done, showing he stands up for his beliefs and research.

I personally believe both the “Copyright” & “Leftright” have got their reasons, and there will always be “buts” and “if” depending on each indiviudal situation you look at. The 21st century is full of creatives and the industry keeps growing, but every idea they come up with will originally be from something or somewhere else, and that idea would’ve come from somehwre else, and that continues. It’s a chain reaction whci is pretty hard to stop or change. It’s like saying a drawing of a heart belongs to a company so anyone that draws hearts on anything owe them money. Yet that’s not how it works. I do believe think these policies need to be looked into because charging someone £205,000 because their children downloaded 8 tracks on the internet is crazy, and it’s even worse when the CD costs no more than £10. Every case is different, and it’s not realistic to judge everyone differently, but the basic policies need to be looked at again. Young minds need to share ideas, creativity is one of the positive things in such a distruptive world that we live in today so it needs to be embraced.

Bronze Exhibition

Visiting the Bronze Exhibition at The Royal Academy of Arts for Cultural studies was probably one of the highlights for me at during this course so far. There was over 150 Bronzes, and seeing as I don’t know much about them it was a great opportunity to learn and embrace the work. I felt such overwhelmed by some of the pieces and overall it was a nice afternoon out with the class.


Cultural Fusion


So this is a project I really enjoyed doing. Firstly, I looked at how Persian culture influenced Christophe Lemaire to design Hermes A/W12 collection. The collection is inspired especially by Persian carpets; soft colours and floral patterns. Lemaire was so fond of the whole idea he’s even named a scarf after one of the most beautiful cities in Iran; Tabriz.


My second choice for this project was how MIA’s music video “Bad Girls” was influenced by Arabic/Middle East Culture. I’ve always been into her music and she has always been in t he press for being so controversial. The music video includes women wearing hijab but dancing and driving cars (Something that is not permitted Saudi Arabia). I love the way she took the concept and almost rebelled against everything that the culture is about, but at the same time embraced it and made it look so “cool”.

In conclusion, It’s really interested to see how these “strict” Middle Eastern cultures have inspired the West in fashion, media and music. The finished product that the creativity comes from is amazing to see, especially when it’s from such talented individuals that work to inspire.

Lily Mercer speaks out on Terry Richardson


Lily Mercer recently posted an article on her blog discussing why she’s so against Terry Richardson, why GQ messed up and why Beyonce made the mistake by not speaking out when snapped by him.

I love Lily’s work and must admit that it was great to see her speak her mind on this matter (Seeing as her blog is based on HipHop music).

My thoughts? Well I totally agree with Lily that issues like her signing a deal with Pepsi is NOTHING compared to her working with Richardson. One thing I don’t understand is how and why do people like this get away with it? (The fashion industry is very messed up) Pretty sad that SERIOUS issues aren’t discussed or made into a big deal in the media, surely if he’s been accused so much there’s some sort of truth to it? Furthermore, Rihanna posted a picture of her with him TODAY on Instagram. Although we all know she isn’t exactly role model material.

So do we blame the media for not focusing on the serious issues? Or just Terry Richardson credit where it’s due for his work? Personally, I think it’s about time the press concentrates on beating these issues.

PR Crisis

It happens everyday. It can also happen at any time and to any company. Something goes wrong and of course it’s the PR team that have to come to the rescue!

We discussed Press Release’s in a lot of depth, talking about the structure of one and what makes a good or bad Press Release. One important thing Teresa mentioned which stayed with me was that it was a rich source of information for the media, which clearly shows how important you are. We also discovered how important what you write down is because the media can make any sort of story from your Press Release. (This doesn’t always mean a positive thing!)

As I’ve mentioned before, this is a unit I’m pretty comfortable with so I really enjoyed the lesson. We were also given our assignment which was to write out our own Press Release which I’m really looking forward to doing. With all the talk about Google and Starbucks not paying enough UK Tax, it will be related to this subject!

CD or iTunes?

In Media Comms this week we spoke about the old ethnology products we don’t see around anymore like the good old walkman! Technology and Media is changing daily and new ideas and products get released all the time. I remember carrying my favourites CD’s  in my school bag for my walkman, but now I download all my music from iTunes. Of course it makes things easier and there’s so much more space for date. But not everyone agrees or is fond of how quick this is all changing.

We had a group discussion and majority of the people in the class seem fond of downloading online or on iTunes. After all, If you can do it why wouldn’t you?

The Little Black Jacket

So excited to have finally got the chance to visit the Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea for the Karl Lagerfield exhibition “The Little Black Jacket”. It’s dedicated to his latest book and I’d recommend any fashion or art lover to visit! I heard about the exhibition being shown in other cities so I was super excited hen I found out it was coming to London.

The work is done by Mr Lagerfield himself and each piece is breath taking in its own way. We all got lots of free posters and I’m pretty sure most of us are going to visit again.


We have started discussing “interviews” in the journalism unit with Anna which is something I’m really looking forward to learning more about. One of the basic things Anna started of the lesson with was talking about different types of interviews; Face to face, emails, Social Media, Questions and Answers and so on.

Interviews can make people feel different depending on what kind it is, for example making people feel uncomfortable or under pressure. This reminded me of the interview Rihanna done with Oprah where she previously agreed on talking about her Ex boyfriend Chris Brown attacking her. The interview was filmed in her Barbados home and when asked about Chris Brown she got teary and the interview turned very emotional. Oprah turned that interview round by finishing it off with positive things about her Rihanna’s future which in my opinion was a great ending.

You can see the interview here.


Today I started the Public Relations unit with Teresa. I was really looking forward to this because I’ve done PR previously and I think it would be great to see how Teresa was going to teach it. Also, I was looking forward to showing my skills and knowledge.

We started with the basics of PR, What it is, What is Marketing and What is a business? I think it was a good idea for us to work in groups as everyone has different views and ideas, and also we learnt from each other. We discussed what people in Public Relations actually do every day and it was interesting to see peoples individual thoughts. I shared my duties with the class.

We discussed popular brands like Nike and Apple, and how they keep up with their branding and imaging.

In our next week with Teresa we spoke about the different sectors and then the roles within PR and what each one entails. Everyone in the class has different interests and we discovered that we’d all love to work in different PR sectors e.g. Food or Fashion.

I do know that PR is a hard industry to get into, and once you get your foot in the door it’s important to maintain a good reputation.