Introduction Weeks at LCC

These first couple of weeks at LCC were basic introductions for the Media Communications course.

From visiting the Tate Modern Gallery, not once but twice to put our creative caps on.. working in different groups with the Design class on fun ice breaker activities… and exploring media platforms.

We received time tables for our class – Which is 2 days at uni, one day at home (Makes sense seeing as we have to do a lot of things with a laptop)

For Journalism on Wednesdays we were given a task called “My relationship with words” which I really enjoyed as it was a sort of introduction about what you’re into as a individual and what you would like to explore more of. I thought the exercise was a good intro for everyone. We also looked at things like different types of communications like TV, Newspaper or Blog and current affairs which every individual should be aware of. We also explored the differences between tabloids and broadsheets including the type of text, the price and how they reach out to their readers. Also, we spoke about how we get our information and our main networks. We went through news agenda’s and how every story comes under a different listing from Culture to world news. After going through Social Networking such as Twitter and Facebook –  We have actually created a secret group for the people in our course where we can post anything related to what we are doing! It’s actually a great way to stay connected and really interesting to see the different types of things individuals are posting.

On Fridays we are doing Contextual Studies with the design group which is fun because we get to work with the others and the team is much bigger! We’ve gone through what the unit will consist of and have started of with “Discovering Arts & Culture” We spoke about the different movements that have happened such as Dadaism and Surrealism. We looked at different pieces of art and in groups discussed which culture movement they were a part of and why. We worked in groups to present a brainstorm of the ideas we came up with. Visiting the Tate Modern and doing research on two pieces that we were interested in was really fun for me because art isn’t something I’ve worked a lot on so I’m learning so much. Lastly, we were advised to read John Berger’s “Ways of seeing”. The book is a great introduction to art/photography or in fact for any creative. It really explains the history of it all and how seeing things changed! I read a couple of chapters and found it a great read.

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