Remix Manifesto



Today we watched such an interesting documentary on Copyrights and Intellectual Property in Media Communications called Remix Manifesto. Brett Gaylor looks into these subjects, especially in music by using Girl Talk and how he makes music as an example of how the industry is developing and moving on, but copyright laws is making it hard for creatives to do what they love and what they’re good at.

Girl Talk is an Mash up artist and from working in science he now does this full time. The film looks at how new generation has been affected. It gives examples of people who has been fined thousands of dollars for downloading 3/4 song on the internet, yet the money doesn’t even go to the artist, but the publisher. Gaylor also looks at Disney ONCE operated and the change it went through after Walt Disney passed away. What I love about short film is that Brett Gaylor has given the opportunity to people to edit the film and make their own versions of it which so many have done, showing he stands up for his beliefs and research.

I personally believe both the “Copyright” & “Leftright” have got their reasons, and there will always be “buts” and “if” depending on each indiviudal situation you look at. The 21st century is full of creatives and the industry keeps growing, but every idea they come up with will originally be from something or somewhere else, and that idea would’ve come from somehwre else, and that continues. It’s a chain reaction whci is pretty hard to stop or change. It’s like saying a drawing of a heart belongs to a company so anyone that draws hearts on anything owe them money. Yet that’s not how it works. I do believe think these policies need to be looked into because charging someone £205,000 because their children downloaded 8 tracks on the internet is crazy, and it’s even worse when the CD costs no more than £10. Every case is different, and it’s not realistic to judge everyone differently, but the basic policies need to be looked at again. Young minds need to share ideas, creativity is one of the positive things in such a distruptive world that we live in today so it needs to be embraced.

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