Bronze Exhibition

Visiting the Bronze Exhibition at The Royal Academy of Arts for Cultural studies was probably one of the highlights for me at during this course so far. There was over 150 Bronzes, and seeing as I don’t know much about them it was a great opportunity to learn and embrace the work. I felt such overwhelmed by some of the pieces and overall it was a nice afternoon out with the class.


Lily Mercer speaks out on Terry Richardson


Lily Mercer recently posted an article on her blog discussing why she’s so against Terry Richardson, why GQ messed up and why Beyonce made the mistake by not speaking out when snapped by him.

I love Lily’s work and must admit that it was great to see her speak her mind on this matter (Seeing as her blog is based on HipHop music).

My thoughts? Well I totally agree with Lily that issues like her signing a deal with Pepsi is NOTHING compared to her working with Richardson. One thing I don’t understand is how and why do people like this get away¬†with it? (The fashion industry is very messed up) Pretty sad that SERIOUS issues aren’t discussed or made into a big deal in the media, surely if he’s been accused so much there’s some sort of truth to it? Furthermore, Rihanna posted a picture of her with him TODAY on Instagram. Although we all know she isn’t exactly role model material.

So do we blame the media for not focusing on the serious issues? Or just Terry Richardson credit where it’s due for his work? Personally, I think it’s about time the press concentrates on beating these issues.