Cultural Fusion


So this is a project I really enjoyed doing. Firstly, I looked at how Persian culture influenced Christophe Lemaire to design Hermes A/W12 collection. The collection is inspired especially by Persian carpets; soft colours and floral patterns. Lemaire was so fond of the whole idea he’s even named a scarf after one of the most beautiful cities in Iran; Tabriz.


My second choice for this project was how MIA’s music video “Bad Girls” was influenced by Arabic/Middle East Culture. I’ve always been into her music and she has always been in t he press for being so controversial. The music video includes women wearing hijab but dancing and driving cars (Something that is not permitted Saudi Arabia). I love the way she took the concept and almost rebelled against everything that the culture is about, but at the same time embraced it and made it look so “cool”.

In conclusion, It’s really interested to see how these “strict” Middle Eastern cultures have inspired the West in fashion, media and music. The finished product that the creativity comes from is amazing to see, especially when it’s from such talented individuals that work to inspire.

CD or iTunes?

In Media Comms this week we spoke about the old ethnology products we don’t see around anymore like the good old walkman! Technology and Media is changing daily and new ideas and products get released all the time. I remember carrying my favourites CD’s ┬áin my school bag for my walkman, but now I download all my music from iTunes. Of course it makes things easier and there’s so much more space for date. But not everyone agrees or is fond of how quick this is all changing.

We had a group discussion and majority of the people in the class seem fond of downloading online or on iTunes. After all, If you can do it why wouldn’t you?