PR Crisis

It happens everyday. It can also happen at any time and to any company. Something goes wrong and of course it’s the PR team that have to come to the rescue!

We discussed Press Release’s in a lot of depth, talking about the structure of one and what makes a good or bad Press Release. One important thing Teresa mentioned which stayed with me was that it was a rich source of information for the media, which clearly shows how important you are. We also discovered how important what you write down is because the media can make any sort of story from your Press Release. (This doesn’t always mean a positive thing!)

As I’ve mentioned before, this is a unit I’m pretty comfortable with so I really enjoyed the lesson. We were also given our assignment which was to write out our own Press Release which I’m really looking forward to doing. With all the talk about Google and Starbucks not paying enough UK Tax, it will be related to this subject!


Today I started the Public Relations unit with Teresa. I was really looking forward to this because I’ve done PR previously and I think it would be great to see how Teresa was going to teach it. Also, I was looking forward to showing my skills and knowledge.

We started with the basics of PR, What it is, What is Marketing and What is a business? I think it was a good idea for us to work in groups as everyone has different views and ideas, and also we learnt from each other. We discussed what people in Public Relations actually do every day and it was interesting to see peoples individual thoughts. I shared my duties with the class.

We discussed popular brands like Nike and Apple, and how they keep up with their branding and imaging.

In our next week with Teresa we spoke about the different sectors and then the roles within PR and what each one entails. Everyone in the class has different interests and we discovered that we’d all love to work in different PR sectors e.g. Food or Fashion.

I do know that PR is a hard industry to get into, and once you get your foot in the door it’s important to maintain a good reputation.