Assignment – Journalism and Current Affairs

Last week we were given our big Journalism assignment – “Journalism and Current Affairs” with just a week to complete it! I actually thought this was good practice as I know there’s always deadlines to work around when in the industry.

The whole assignment was split into three parts –

1- News and Current Affairs

2- Interview and Practice

3- Writing a Review

We were lucky enough to had already done part 1 and 2, so all we had left to do was our report which was on News and Current Affairs. This was actually the key part of the assignment as it was based on everything we had done with Anna and Anthony in this unit. In my work I talked about why history, current affairs and politics is so important in a role of a journalist and and how doing that little more than the basic research can improve your story. I also discussed the important things you need to make sure every story includes; Who, What, Where, When, Why and How? I also discussed how the internet and social networks plays in a role of a journalist and how important it is to gain as much information from these sources as possible.




We have started discussing “interviews” in the journalism unit with Anna which is something I’m really looking forward to learning more about. One of the basic things Anna started of the lesson with was talking about different types of interviews; Face to face, emails, Social Media, Questions and Answers and so on.

Interviews can make people feel different depending on what kind it is, for example making people feel uncomfortable or under pressure. This reminded me of the interview Rihanna done with Oprah where she previously agreed on talking about her Ex boyfriend Chris Brown attacking her. The interview was filmed in her Barbados home and when asked about Chris Brown she got teary and the interview turned very emotional. Oprah turned that interview round by finishing it off with positive things about her Rihanna’s future which in my opinion was a great ending.

You can see the interview here.