3rd week at LCC

Spending time with Anna is giving me a further understanding of Journalism. Our main focus this week is Social Media and how much of a platform it now is for everyone. We have been asked to open accounts with Twitter and Facebook and start fimiliarizing ourselves with both. Of course I use both these sites on a daily basis so found this really easy to use. We now have a private Facebook group for the class where we can post our favourite stories. We discussed how much impact these sites can have, and as journalists how much these could help us. In my opinion they are sharp, and because they limit you on how much you can write, you can pretty much get the vital information out for your readers. On both sites people have to subscribe to your page by either “Following” you or “Liking” your page, so it garuntees reads! In my opinion Twitter can be stronger as you can use hashtags that others will usually search for if looking for certain news. You can get anyone’s attention, anywhere in the world.

In conclusion, if we want any story to be successful we need these key features;

Time – This is so important to readers, anyone reading will instantly want to know when the incident took place. Topics that are current are more likely to be releavent.

Prominence – The story really needs to be noticable, it has to have a catchy heading, and has to be of interest to readers. If you pick a story on Barack Obama it’ll always get more coverage than your next door neighbour.

Proximity – The story should be near you and have some sort of relation in order top actually interest you.

And of course make sure you have your “Where, what, why, when and how?” awnsered. As long as you have these points covered you’re good to go!